Video Editing Services from Josh

I may be 1,700, sad face, miles away from you.

I may be breathing in fresh, although somewhat forest firey smokey air here in Boulder, Colorado.

I even got choked out a few times in my first jujitsu class yesterday. Fun times!

But through the wonders of the world wide web, I am just a Google Drive folder away from being able to edit a new and flashy audition video for you.

Send me everything, my magical fingers will spruce up your video, your photos, your bio, your resume… anything you wish.

I'll get it back to you as quickly as possible, sending you on your way for your audition application, and/or online presence success!

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Photos of the Mountains

Yesterday, July 7th, 2017, I traveled to Delaney Lake in Northern Colorado with some great friends for an afternoon of Fly Fishing... I took my camera in hopes that if I didn't catch any fish, I would at least provide some killer shots for the day - big success! (no fish, but good photos)

I shot this with my Nikon D810 and 70-200mm Lens during the "magic hour" right before sunset. If lighting is one of the most important aspects of photography, then Magic Hour is the time to shoot. 

I rarely shoot in the RAW format, but the past few sessions, I have been shooting in RAW for landscape images. I've really been blown away at how much RAW has improved since the D7000 days - I can pull out a lot of shadow detail, and also bring down highlights way more than if I were shooting JPG. The cost is of course Hard Drive space, but you can shoot less images, I suppose. 

Man... this is the iconic tall grass shot, with the sun highlighting the background. The camera was pretty low for this shot - I'm a big fan of "shooting from the hip" or just getting down lower for as many shots as possible. This includes photographing kids, lakes, grass, whatever... 

This is a 16X9 crop - you may not be able to see all the detail in this small web size version of the print. I brought out the blues here, and scaled down the highlights for the cloud detail. Those rolling hills are amazing. 

Hit me up with a message if you have any questions about your photo techniques.... Happy to help!


Freelancing Careers are Sooooo Easy....

A freelancing career is easy, right?

If I'm talented enough, people will call me, right?

I've taken all my lessons and went to school and have 15 PhD's, so that makes me an authority, right?


Freelancing is being an entrepreneur. Being a successful entrepreneur is taking a small business and turning it profitable, or even into a multibillion-dollar business (Just ask Dr. Dre).

What do successful small business owners have most of all? 


They work hard and slavishly go after their goal. Nothing stands in the way of their mission in life.

So, how does this begin? It's easy... 

A new portrait or headshot of you is the beginning of your brand. It’s your calling card and the first thing that anyone will see when looking you up. It’s the First Impression, and we all know how important that is.

The rest of the story of a successful business is creative strategy, branding, marketing, and grit!

(I can help you with all those things too, by the way – well, maybe not the grit.)

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